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Freebie Policy

Freebie Policy

For decades, free beans have been a cornerstone of seed banks. A majority of orders will typically included a combination of breeder-provided freebies and MVB freebies, including, but not limited to, beans, slaps, apparel or other swag. While we strive to provide as many freebies as possible, please note that included freebies are contingent upon on-hand beans provided by our breeding partners. We reserve the right to substitute any other freebie of comparable value for past offerings that might be out of stock. Any questions or concerns should be directed to -- ideally BEFORE placing orders.

• $0-$49.99 = 2 seeds

• $50-$149.99 = 4 seeds

• $150-$299.99 = 6 seeds

• $300-$399.99 = 8 seeds

• $400-$499.99 = 10 seeds

• $500-$799.99 = 12 seeds

• $800-$999.99 = 16 seeds

• $1000+ = 20 seeds

June 22, 2022 4PM PST:
Current freebies are Tangie Auto by Blimburn Seeds while supplies last.

Auto Lemon Kush by Blimburn Seeds will be the next freebie

Stay tuned for more freebie announcements. 

Does not include any other promotional seeds from breeders. 
Can be used with other promo codes. See what we have available here